Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween brought out the differences for my son. He's in his early teens, now, puberty is kicking in, and peer pressure is having more effect. For months, he couldn't decide if he would dress up for Halloween. Then he conceded that maybe he would wear last year's costume (Star Wars Clone Trooper) again. Then he just ignored it. Finally, after his younger brother decided to go scary this year, for the first time, he decided to go scary too. In fact, he won the scariest costume award at the party at my company. Little brother was enviously unhappy. He could have worn the costume to school for spirit week, but he decided not to. But he did go trick or treating with his grandmother in her neighborhood.

Thinking about his reaching puberty, and being taller then me, had me crying a bit this morning. I was thinking about when he was a toddler and like to climb up on the coffee table and do a baby haka ( in his diaper. I can still see the faces he made, and hear his stamping feet. It hurts.

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