Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm So Proud

My son can have issues with communication, especially when trying to gauge a situation, but he is also quick-witted and clever.

Recently, he was at lunch at school, surrounded by girls (which is the usual for him), and a guy was there who was apparently resenting all the attention by son was getting. My son and the girls were talking and every time my son said something, the other boy would made a comment trying to make fun of my son. The chatting when on, but my son stopped talking after a bit. Finally, the other boy asked him, "Why aren't you talking?"

My son responded, "I'm waiting for the popping sound."

"What popping sound?"

"The sound your head will make when it pops out of your ass."

Laughter ensued. Boy gave up and left.

I'm so proud of my little smartass.


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anautismobserver said...

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