Friday, January 12, 2007

Robert Redford Is Making Me Angry

I know, I know. He doesn't really run the Sundance Festival anymore, but the announcement that I say yesterday that the movie "Autism Every Day" would be screened on January 21 at this year's festival has made me so angry it's ruining all my lovely memories of him in movies.

This is the letter I sent:

To Whom It May Concern:

I was incredibly upset to find out yesterday that Sundance would be screening "Autism Every Day" at this year's film festival.

The film (I can't call it a documentary as the slant of the bias shown is so great) seems to delight in portraying worst case scenarios, and mothers who have self-traumatized themselves with the guilt of bearing an imperfect child to the point that they openly discuss the murder of their autistic children and/or suicide, one of them in front of her child.

Autism Speaks rejects the growing evidence of medical studies that autism is genetic and/or congenital and not "curable." It is a physical condition that can be treated, as of now, with love, time, attention and kindness. It is not a condition that can be treated by chelation or HBOT or injections or any of the other therapies claimed as cures by the many quacks willing to prey on desperate parents.

It seems that many of the parents of autistic children do not want to accept that they might simply carry genetic material that has resulted in the birth of a child with autism, even though many of these parents, if properly tested, would themselves be diagnosed ASD.

This film is conscienceless and cruel, a lie and abuse, and may have even resulted in the murder of autistic children by their parents who had seen this film. The view of parents who murder their disabled children as doing a kindness to the child is despicable and horrifying, and has resulted in many of the parents who have been prosecuted for these murders receiving light sentences, some no more than probation, as if the selfishness and cruelty of their decision were acceptable and courageous.

I understand the frustrations of a parent with an autistic child, especially one that seems uncommunicative and withdrawn, and with other socially unacceptable behaviors, but to support this film does a disservice to the majority of ASD people in our society who make, and have made, good lives for themselves and others, full, complete, often exceptional lives. There have been many geniuses who have shown many symptoms of ASD, and who have contributed profoundly in both scientific and societal fields.

I would suggest that if you want to view some real films by and about autistics you go to YouTube and look up Posautive. Why don't you show some of these films during the festival? We would like to be heard.

[signed by Persephone]


violet_yoshi said...

I found out about this, from a post you made about it at the NTs are Weird blog. I can't belive it.

It's no different than showing a Nazi propaganda film at Sundance

Autism Reality NB said...

Yeah, far better to hide those severe cases of autism in the closet right? Are you ashamed of intellectually and behaviorally challenged severe autistic persons?

And violet yoshi's comments about Nazi propaganda are utter nonsense.