Friday, January 5, 2007


Stimming has been brought up quite a bit. My favorite bit of stimming while on the computer? Scrolling through a large document, letting the text roll past my eyes. I find this very soothing, especially on a busy, stressful day.

I do find myself waggling my fingers a bit when I'm kicking my brain into "computer mode." My son briefly taps his fingers on his head when he's seriously working something out. I think of it as shifting and engaging the clutch as I gear up.

Yes, I'm very mechanical. I love machines. Love learning how they work. Love making them work. I'm really good at doing beta testing on software and hardware as I will put the test item through its paces. I've killed computers. I've killed programs. But I was supposed to.

If anyone has a weird request, they usually ask for me first, because even if I don't know a way to do something, I'll try everything I can to get the requested result.

My son's dearest toys have been his LEGO sets. But this year he kept looking at video cameras. So I got him a compact digital video recorder. He announced last night that if he doesn't get into NASA, he's going to be a movie director. I could handle being the mother of the next Steven Spielberg.

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