Sunday, May 13, 2007

From News of the Weird

Barney Vincelette and his wife outside their home.

This little snippet is courtesy of News of the Weird:

Lead Story

* Barney Vincelette, who says his autism renders loud noises
sickening to him, has been feuding for several years with neighbors
in Houston, Del., over their rock music. At first, he invented his
own sound-jammer, according to an April profile in the
Wilmington News Journal, but a judge curtailed its use.
Subsequently, he recorded super-annoying sounds of his own
(including a fog horn's) and had them written out as music
("Sonata for Calliope of Truck Horns About to Be Transcribed for
Locomotive Horns Opus No. 1"), at which point the judge decided
that permitting the neighbors' Bon Jovi but not Vincelette's Sonata
amounted to selective law enforcement, and the feuders settled
their differences. (Vincelette, by the way, lives in a house shaped
like a flying saucer.) [News Journal, 4-15-07]

Here's a link that gives a lot more background:

Obviously, Barney has some problems. And obnoxious neighbors. My previous post refers to these types of people. Why do they need to force their musical choices on others. Are their egos and penises that small?

I look at my beautiful son, the one who wouldn't laugh at the girl that all the other kids at school made fun of, and then was kind to her. You, you extreme waste of oxygen, are going to tell me he shouldn't exist? If we didn't exist, neither would you. You would have destroyed human society by now, but we keep saving you. Maybe we're too kind. Maybe we should get together and buy an island where only ASDs are allowed to live and let you destroy yourselves. We'll save the best of civilization. The rest can rot.

I'm old and fed-up. I really don't care that much about people in general any more. You may have seen the stickers that read, "Mean People Suck." Personally, I want one that says, "Most People Suck."

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