Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Comments to YAI-NIPD

I just read an article on Yahoo! News from Healthday Reporter regarding your recent conference on autism. Some of the comments by doctors I found self-serving (Dr. Kaufman's remarks seem to push parents to invest in the services provided by his firm, without presenting proof that the child's improvement might simply occur with maturation), scary (Dr. Kaufman's remarks about medications, when so many autistics have unusual adverse reactions to medications, and Dr. Hollander's reporting on the use of oxytocin), but the most frightening part of the report was the referral to Autism Speaks at the end of the article.

Autism Speaks is an organization that does not allow autistics any roles in administration, governance or consultation. They choose to marginalize the people they say they are trying to help. They reject autistics who do speak for themselves as not truly autistic. Their decision to fund and distribute a movie that has parents speaking in front of their autistic children (as if the children did not understand) of desires to kill the children, and of the unbearing life they suffer as the result of having autistic children.

Perhaps this is not your choice. If it is not, please, notify Healthday Reporter to clear this misconception.

Thank you.

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