Sunday, May 13, 2007

Once Again, I was lost in space

Actually, it was delayed mourning for my grandmother. And a mystery illness we're still working on.

In the meantime, with April being Autism Awareness Month, there was lots of activity everywhere. The scaries came out of the woodwork, proclaiming their latest cures and preventions (almost all of them snake oil) for the "epidemic."

But, with the Internet and the verbalization of the non-oral auties, the real voices are starting to be heard. And we're not scary or drains on society or people who should never have been born. We're the people propelling the tech future. We're the people who say, "Why not?" We don't spend all our energy (a good chunk, but not all) trying to be part of the in crowd. We're happy with ourselves and those who want to be with us. We aren't Donald Trump or Paris Hilton or George W. Bush and the Bushettes.

We're the people who make your cars run again when no one else can figure it out, who keep the computers functioning, who create the next generation of computer, who create more and better appliances that use less energy and create less pollution, who make those incredible architectural designs reality, who design new medical equipment and new medical procedures that save lives, who are taking people back into space, and who are treated like crap by the very people we're trying to help.

Bitter, bitter, bitter. I'd love to tell all the NT losers (note, this does not refer to all NTs, I'm not NT-averse) who think that anyone not like them should not exist, to please move somewhere else. We don't want you, decent NTs don't want you, all those people with "disabilities" who live well and kindly don't want you. You don't contribute. You don't contribute to the good. You do contribute to pollution and crime and the death of our species. No one wants you. We don't need you. Too bad you're on this planet. Maybe that's why so many ASDs like the idea of traveling to space. You're not there.

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