Monday, May 28, 2007

Oxytocin for Autistics

Oxytocin, as referenced in the Healthday article, rang a bell. It only took a minute to find, but it's the hormone that makes people trust each other.

Great, a drug that will make autistics trust NTs so they can be used and abused more easily. Exactly what we don't need.

Autistics don't interact because it can be painful, mentally and physically, and not because we are incapable of social interaction. We are loaded with empathy; we feel what you feel, deeply, and we suffer with you.

Temple Grandin empathizes with animals. It's usually not as overwhelming as empathizing with a human. Animals seem to sense the differences in autistics. They swarm around me, pushing for physical contact. I've had squirrels, chipmunks and wild rabbits come to my hand.

One in 150? I think it should be higher if the human species is going to survive.

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